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Aimee Teegarden Recalls a Wild Easter Egg Hunt That Ended in ‘Tears’


Allister Foster/Hallmark Media

Aimee Teegarden has fond childhood memories tied to Easter, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t crying involved each holiday.

“Every single Easter, my grandmother would have a big egg hunt for myself, brother and my cousin,” Teegarden, 34, exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting her latest Hallmark Channel movie, An Easter Bloom.

The actress recalled her cousin, who was an only child, taking “her time doing things and being very competitive.” However, her slow and steady approach didn’t help her win.

“I would just lap her in the backyard and every year it always ended in tears,” Teegarden confessed, letting out a laugh. “It wasn’t about the candy — I’m not that much of a candy person — but just it was the competitiveness of it.”

Despite the childhood heartbreak, the Hallmark personality said she’s continued the tradition in some way as she has grown.

“Every year we kind of tend to do some kind of different sort of Easter egg hunt,” she told Us. “Whether it’s for the dogs and having little Easter eggs hidden around the backyard or things like that.”

Teegarden insisted that when it comes to a hunt it’s “quantity over anything else.”

Easter egg hunts may not be Teegarden’s only spring tradition now that she’s starred in Hallmark’s An Easter Bloom, which premiered earlier this month. In the film, she plays a flower farmer who enters a floral design competition to save her family’s land following a big loss in her life.

Before filming the project, Teegarden took a flower arranging class in Vancouver alongside her costar Frances Flanagan, who plays her flower mentor, Lori, in the movie.

Allister Foster/Hallmark

“We had such a ball and we learned so much about flower arranging things that I had never thought of before,” Teegarden told Us, explaining that she used to put in the greenery in first when building a vase bouquet.

She learned that tactic is “apparently not the way to do it, which was kind of mind blowing” for the actress. Instead, Teegarden was taught to “build within your hand” or place the flowers in the vessel first.

“It was very fascinating and interesting,” Teegarden recalled, noting that on set “so much of it is already done for you. So we didn’t get to use as many of those flower skills as we had picked up, but it was really fun.”

When it comes to her favorite flowers, the Friday Night Lights alum told Us she’d lean toward peonies because they’re “always lovely and they [are] always available in October around my birthday.”

Teegarden added, “I feel like peonies or Jasmine, which always smells really nice.”

An Easter Bloom is streaming on Hallmark Movies Now.

Aimee Teegarden

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