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Nikki Reed Reveals If the Door to Her Acting Career Is ‘Closed’ for Good


Nikki Reed got real about why she doesn’t “feel the pull” to jump back into acting after launching multiple companies outside of Hollywood.

“I’m really creatively fulfilled in the art that I’m creating,” Reed, 36, exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, May 28, while promoting her partnership with Babyganics and its “Oops! I Forgot It Again” campaign. “Sometimes I feel like more of an artist in all the hats that I’m wearing right now.”

Reed took a hiatus from acting in 2019 after working in the industry for more than 15 years. Since her break from entertainment, she has stayed busy running her jewelry company, Bayou With Love, and her and husband Ian Somerhalder’s supplement brand, The Absorption Company, which launched in January.

Nikki Reed Jesse Grant/Getty Images

“I don’t think I have the capacity to be pulled into any other area, just space-wise,” Reed confessed, noting that she is also a full-time mom and works long days on her family’s farm. “The pie is always so big, but the door’s not closed at all.”

The actress noted that although her cup is full, she “definitely” feels “called to that creative medium.” Reed explained that it would take the right project to lure her back into the field.

“It would come in the form probably, of going back to my roots of writing and where I started in this business, which was with 13,” Reed told Us, referring to the 2003 film that she cowrote and starred in alongside Evan Rachel Wood.

Reed’s dream acting scenario includes creating projects that are “very personal and very meaningful and very intentional.” She added, “I think that is the way that I would be called back to that space.”

Even without acting, Reed has a lot to juggle and she’s happy to do it. “I love the companies that we have. I love Bayou with Love, which is my business, and I love the Absorption Company,” she gushed, revealing that she hopes to build and grow those entities with Somerhalder “to the end of time.”

Nikki Reed Courtesy of Babyganics

While Reed is content in her current career path, she told Us she “couldn’t pick” one of her projects as her favorite. However, she revealed she is “most passionate” about “creating spaces and companies and conversations around how to make the world a better place.”

Reed continued: “I think we can do that through business, and I think we can do that in how we participate in the world and how we raise our little humans. So I think that intersection is what I’m most passionate about.”

Her drive to make the world a better place played a part in her partnership with Babyganics and their “Oops! I Forgot It Again” campaign. The brand is hosting pop-ups in New York and Los Angeles from Friday, May 31, to Sunday, June 2, to help parents fill in what they forgot at home for free — while enjoying outdoor activities and embracing nature.

“This campaign really resonated with me because it’s all about getting your kiddos outdoors, but also embracing all of the perfectly imperfect moments that come with parenthood,” Reed told Us.

Courtesy of Babyganics

She added that with the stands, parents will get a little assistance when they forget a sun hat or sunscreen without having to pay a penny.

“Also parents can come and donate things that they have in excess, which is so helpful,” Reed continued. “I’m a household of all hand-me-downs for the most part. And we’re all swapping all the time. My little mama community. So I just thought that was so sweet, but also so real because I would say 10 times out of 10 when you leave the house, there’s something you’re missing.”

For more information on Babyganics’ products and their pop-ups, check out their website.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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